Prep to Year 6
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The Knox School Enrichment Program

The Knox School’s enrichment program has been developed for gifted and talented students from Prep to Year 6 and is designed to enrich and supplement the individualised learning already in place in our Junior and Middle School curriculum.

We recognise that Gifted Students’ abilities differ from their peers to such a degree that a differentiated curriculum and instructional techniques are needed to nurture growth and development.

The enrichment program is conducted either in the student’s classroom or in a withdrawn group situation with students of similar abilities and interests. The program exposes students to high level thinking skills and activities designed to supplement the regular curriculum to tap divergent, analytical, creative, and evaluative thinking.

Students will engage in differentiated, open-ended learning activities that address their unique talents, challenge their thinking, cater for a huge range of different learning styles and techniques, and solve complex problems.

The Enrichment program utilises specialised thinking programs such as DeBono’s Thinking Hats, Bloom’s Higher Order Thinking Skills and Tony Ryan’s Thinkers Keys.

Students are always encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to explore creative problem solving as well as other more advanced concepts. They have the chance to enter competitions in mathematics, writing and poetry under the supervision of hand-picked staff who specialise in advancement education. Students are assessed regularly to monitor their progress.

Small groups and specialised staff ensure students selected in the program have an opportunity to explore and develop their potential beyond the traditional curriculum.

Students are carefully selected for the program through thorough testing and discussion and recommendation from teaching staff and the Heads of Schools.

The Enrichment Program is at no additional cost to parents.