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The Knox School Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) establishes vital foundations so that your child receives the best possible start to their education.

The Early Learning Centre caters for children from the ages of three to five years. Please read below the age eligibility for ELC at The Knox School.

Pre-Prep 4
Children entering Pre-Prep 4 should be four years of age by 30 April in the year of commencement. This is in line with the legislated regulation that children are to be at least five years of age by 30 April in the year that they can attend Prep.

Pre-Prep 3
Children must be three years of age by 31 January in the year of commencement to be eligible to enter Pre-Prep 3 at The Knox School.

ELC classes provide a stimulating environment for children within a program based on individual progression. The ELC is an extension of home, a place where children feel loved, accepted and secure, as well as being a place where children are able to grow and develop their abilities. Parents are encouraged to attend different activities in the centre and their involvement on these days is greatly valued by all.

The ELC prepares children thoroughly for the expectations and day-to-day routine of school. Children aged four and five attend school assemblies and share integrated play areas with older students during their final months in the ELC to prepare them for the school years to come.

In the ELC, children are valued as individuals with regard to their emotional, social, physical and intellectual development and learning programs are designed with this in mind. The program aims to assist in each child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth by offering:

a secure, caring, nurturing and well disciplined environment

support and encouragement for the development of self-direction and self-discipline

a focus on caring for others and tolerance of all differences

specialist teachers and facilities designed to extend each child and highlight their particular talents

The ELC offers children a spacious area in which to learn and play. Fully fenced playgrounds provide a safe and attractive area out of doors, whilst classroom areas are large and bright. Children wear a simple, practical uniform.

Children can attend for a minimum of three days in Pre-Prep 3 and a minimum of three days in Pre-Prep 4 to a maximum of five full days with fees varying accordingly. Parents may choose their required days in order to accommodate family needs. Pre-Prep hours are 8:40 am to 3:10 pm during school term only.

Before and After School Care is available for students in the ELC.

The weekly program will include activities from:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Performing Arts
  • Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)
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