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Falcon Philanthropy Group

The School, with the backing of the Principal and Board, established the Falcon Philanthropy Group (FPG) to plan and manage the establishment of an enduring culture of philanthropy within our School community.

Philanthropy is defined as the ‘love of humankind’ and so the focus of this group is to connect with and engage people who are our constituents: Students, Parents, Staff, Alumni, Past Staff, and Friends.

This group is composed of:

  • current parents
  • the Principal
  • a Board member
  • alumni
  • past staff
  • current staff

A key focus of the FPG is the enrichment of existing relationships within the community as shown in the Relationship Map HERE.

The Falcon Philanthropy Group always welcomes new members who wish to contribute their voice, time and talent. Please contact us at or 8805 3862 to discover how you can be a contributor.

The Falcon Philanthropy Group is empowered to carefully and strategically create the appropriate atmosphere within TKS community that will allow a lasting culture of philanthropy to flourish by:

  • fostering the agreed Vision: ‘Giving for all’; this means giving of your voice, time and talent
  • adopting best practices
  • being student-centric, rather than equipment or facilities focused
  • being supportive of the legal framework, operational and governance structures to support a Scholarship Fund and Building Fund
  • crafting messages and stories to connect with and inspire people
  • practicing stewardship (maintaining and growing relationships) and thanking those who have supported the philanthropic endeavours of TKS
  • hosting functions (reunions, celebratory events, anniversaries) that have a meaning and relate to the School’s philanthropic Vision
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