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Allan Shaw

The end of a busy term

September 12, 2014
As my first term at The Knox School draws to a close, I have taken the opportunity to reflect upon the last weeks and relay to you my first impressions of the School. The Knox School is a significantly sized community, with around one thousand students and adults on site each day. The Knox School is a lively, positive and complex community, spanning children from three years of age through to highly respected grandparents. A review of my diary of the last two weeks gives a good insight into the rich tapestry of life at The Knox School. The ... Read More
NAPLAN has hit the media over the last few days as the group data has been released. Parents should expect to see their own children’s results in the coming weeks if their children are in Years 3, 5, 7 or 9. Data from NAPLAN tests provides a point in time result for students in four of the thirteen years of schooling. It is very useful data for parents and schools, though it is but a small part of the overall development of a child to adulthood through the school years. The tests conducted last May cover reading, one form ... Read More
I remember a time where it was thought that computers would replace handwriting. Thankfully that has not occurred at good schools such as The Knox School. Like me, I am sure some of you have been castigated for poor handwriting. For me, this advice came initially from my primary school and lower secondary school teachers as they endeavoured to have me slow down my handwriting and concentrate on forming my letters more carefully. As an adult, anyone who has had to try and read my handwriting has had some cause for concern as I try to have my handwriting ... Read More
It is no news that the rapid evolution of increasingly mobile digital technologies is challenging the form and even the function of schools. The equally rapid changes in our social and economic structures are also having a profound impact in every Australian classroom – and in every home. More than ever, to foster both student achievement and wellbeing, schools need to develop strong partnerships with parents. Students are not outside that partnership; they are at the very centre of it, both as a focus for school effort and as responsible partners in their own right. To experience ongoing ... Read More

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