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During Term 3, our annual parent satisfaction survey data was collected. As is our usual practice, we surveyed the parents of children in the ELC, Year 2, Year 5, Year 8, and Year 12. (In addition, we conduct an annual exit survey of year 12 students.) Both these surveys require a voluntary response and in the case of the parent’s survey the response rate was high and from that response rate, general trends can be deduced.

Our survey is conducted by an independent third party, the Macquarie Marketing Group (MMG). MMG conduct the same survey across more than 100 independent schools in all States and Territories. These schools are mostly our size or larger, they range from low fee school to high fee, from established inner city independent schools, suburban and regional schools, many over 100 years of age with fourth and fifth generations of parents and some far younger than The Knox School.

The results for the Knox school in 2020 our superb. Our community, under the significant pressure of our COVID circumstances, has remained united, resilient and optimistic in our focus on our students, your children.

The survey report is some 180 pages in length and rich in detailed data. A summary of the MMG survey report is on our website and can be accessed by the following link. PARENT SATISFACTION SURVEY

In the MMG survey anything that is in a dark blue colour represents a result of 80% or better and we are advised by MMG that such dark blue results indicate high levels of positivity amongst parents for the school in that area. In anything to do with schools, as a Principal I learned long ago that it is impossible to please all the people, all the time! To satisfy more than 80% of people over the course of a year is rewarding.

The Knox School was above the survey benchmarks in each of the 10 major categories, on which the survey measures parent responses. In nine of those ten categories, parents rated the school in the coveted dark blue (above 80%) indicator.

At the Knox school we strive for a partnership between teachers, parents, and students. As the students become older, the relationship becomes an equal 3-way partnership that ultimately benefits the student. The survey report data shows that partnership has alignment of values and actions, good communications and most importantly, high quality teaching.

The results from this survey, aligned with the recent decision by the Board of Directors for a net zero increase in fees for 2021 indicates the importance of unity within the school community as a high priority. As the Chair of the Board said to fellow Directors and senior staff of the school in a recent combined meeting of the two groups, a high quality school is first and foremost about people, especially young people and their learning, growth and development. The school facilities, buildings, resources, and IT infrastructure simply provide support and assistance in this pursuit.

We will seek to continue to improve the quality of the outcomes for students and support our community. We continue to personalise the educative experience of each young person to position them for success in the adult world. In doing so, we expect to continue to meet and exceed your expectations as parents.

Allan Shaw

Allan Shaw is Principal and Chief Executive of The Knox School

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