You might like to read this short article, written in response to an ABC News investigation. The following quote gives a succinct introduction. The full article can be read HERE

An ABC News investigation has lifted the lid on the claimed ‘great education divide’ in Australian schools. This time, rather the well-trodden tale of ‘giving a Gonski’, it takes aim at so-called ‘infrastructure arms races’ of private schools.

A cursory read would have you convinced that rich schools are unfairly cashed up at the expense of taxpayers, and of poorer schools. But look at the facts, and the truth becomes apparent.

Capital funding is responsible for less than nine per cent of total school funding. And in terms of all public money on schooling, publicly funded capital spending is responsible for around 4.5 per cent. Of this, almost all goes to government schools — just over half of one percent (0.52 per cent) of all government money on schools is spent on capital works in private schools.