Today is a pretty special day. It is the culmination of a long journey for our Year 12 students and their teachers. There will be so much celebrated today in terms of the students and everything that they have achieved.

But, Year 12 graduation is not just a milestone for the students but also for the parents and families who have been the steadfast supporters, motivators, and guiding lights throughout their transformative journey. The cheer squad!

The journey from the first day of Prep to the Year 12 graduation stage in the Auditorium is a testament to the commitment and love parents have poured into their children’s education. From helping with homework to being there to celebrate the triumphs and console the setbacks, parents play an indispensable role.

First and foremost, parents are the bedrock of emotional support for their young people. The challenges students face during Year 12, from the pressure of exams to the drama of young love, through to the uncertainty about the future, can be overwhelming. Parents and families are there to provide a comforting shoulder to lean on, to offer words of encouragement, and to remind their children that setbacks are stepping stones to success.

In addition, parents are our valuable partners in the learning process. I often talk about the triangle of partnership – teachers, parents/family, and student. Engaging with teachers and the school, as well as taking an active interest in their young person’s education empowers parents to understand and support their young person’s unique needs.

Furthermore, the dedication of parents goes beyond the academic. They help their children develop essential life skills such as time management, organisation, resilience, and most importantly, kindness. Parents instil values that complement the school’s values such as perseverance and curiosity, which are essential not just for Year 12 but for lifelong learning.

Year 12 graduation is a celebration of, not just achievement, but of the collective effort of the entire family. It’s a moment when parents should take pride in the significant role they’ve played in shaping the young minds graduating. We are so delighted that we can share this special day with those families through breakfast, the Valedictory Assembly, and the Valedictory Dinner.

As we celebrate the Class of 2023 today, let us acknowledge the tireless efforts of our parents and families. The journey may have been long, but with your unwavering support, the destination has been worth every step. Together, we celebrate the accomplishments of our newest Falconians and the commitment of those who have nurtured them.

Keep an eye on our social media next week where we share a special tribute that highlights the importance of our parents and families who walk this educational journey with their young people.

Mr Phillip Henniker
Head of Senior School and Student Wellbeing