Anzac Day Commemoration

To commemorate ANZAC Day, the year 9’s put together an all-school ANZAC day formal assembly followed by educational activities for the Middle School and Primary School held on Tuesday 27 of April. 

Activities that the Middle School and Primary School students could participate in were Arts and Craft, Sports, Drip guns or Trivia and ANZAC biscuits. 

Leadership Skills

The year 9’s got a chance to practise utilising the concept of the 6 c’s, collaboration, character, contribution, creativity, communication and critical thinking. Collaboration is the capacity to work interdependently and in teams with strong team-related skills including effective management of teams, making significant decisions together and learning through listening to other thoughts and ideas. Character is honing qualities such as grit, ethics, reliability, and integrity. Contribution is the skill of thinking as global citizens and being prepared to act locally and consider global issues. Creativity is the act of having an ‘entrepreneurial’ eye for economic, social, artistic, and other opportunities while asking multitudinous questions to generate new ideas and demonstrating leadership to see those ideas through. Communication is the practice of mastering interactions in digital, writing, human cues and speaking forms with various types of individuals. Finally, critical thinking is the ability to critically evaluate information and seeing patterns, connections and construction of meaningful knowledge and then applying this in the real world.

By choosing groups and working towards the goal of coming up with an activity and successfully executing it- trivia & cookies, sport, drip guns, art & craft, publications and formal assembly- the year 9’s were able to practice using the 6 C’s. Interacting with many different people, using Critical thinking skills, thinking outside of the box and time management are just an iota of the skills the year 9’s were able to develop through creating the ANZAC day ceremony and activities. The year 9’s thoroughly enjoyed the process of working together towards a goal and being able to showcase their hard work. 

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and crafts group organised multiple activities and competitions for various year levels to participate in. Students from Prep to Year 6 had the choice to submit a drawing or a colouring sheet, and a winner from each Year level in each competition received an ANZAC biscuit courtesy of the Trivia & ANZAC biscuits group. The year 7’s and 8’s were invited to come to AR2 during the house period, where they had the choice of making origami or tying rosemary bundles which they could gift to a friend or family member. Each rosemary bundle was tied together with a note including a fact on ANZAC day, as our goal was to enlighten students about overlooked or unknown aspects and stories of the battle at Gallipoli. For example, we wished to change how people view the symbol with which people commonly associate ANZAC day with the red poppy. This is used to represent Remembrance Day, as poppies never actually grew in Gallipoli, where rosemary was more commonly found in nature, where the soldiers fought.


To commemorate ANZAC Day, various sporting activities linked to the war were designed by Year 9 students. There was Army Dodgeball, Capture the Vortex and Barriers Dodgeball. Army dodgeball had different roles students could play such as being a nurse, general or spy, Capture the Vortex had alliances and advantages for one of the teams, and barrier dodgeball had equipment you could hide behind, almost like the trenches. There were roughly 80 students who participated on the hockey pitch and in the gym. To ensure that students who may not know much about Anzac Day could also learn while being engaged, we discussed the connections between the games we chose and why we chose them. The games went well, and everyone really enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot in the process!

Drip Guns

Students who participated in the Drip gun activity were able to learn about the resilience and enthusiasm that the soldiers displayed throughout the war and how that led them to great discoveries. By watching YouTube videos, participating in a Kahoot and listening to an informative PowerPoint, the students were able to discover how different types of guns were operated throughout World War I. The students also got to play around with fake guns and practice shooting. 

Trivia and ANZAC biscuits

During our ANZAC day commemoration activity, students were engaged and learning about the traditions of food in WW1. How was food made, transported and cooked? We held an information session and had a Kahoot (quiz) on everything we had covered during the session. The quiz winners earned themselves some free cookies and bragging rights. We carried on with the activity during lunch and sold some ANZAC cookies. The night before, a few students gathered in the café with Ms Fox to bake over 200 cookies. We packed our orders to the years 4, 5 and 6s and delivered 97 cookies to them. The smiles on their faces were priceless! We sold out of cookies in 15 minutes, and it was a huge success! In total, we raised $186.50. All funds will be donated to a charity.  

Thanks to the year 9’s hard work, the Middle School and Primary School were able to relish an informative ANZAC day commemoration that involved some fun activities and kept them engaged.  

Cherise Ncube

Middle School Leader