The short clip below is an interchange between Kohilan (Yr 6) and Ellie (Yr 2).

They both exhibit such confidence and assurance as Kohilan interviews Ellie as research for a project he is doing at school.

This clip was taken moving between several cameras but it was made as one take. There has been no editing.

At the Knox School we do focus on oral communication and public speaking skills. Oral communication skills are a necessary part of the skill set required for success in the adult world and it is best to start building those skills in age appropriate ways in the Junior School.

This a delightful and engaging example of one of our focus areas.

As you listen to Ellie, you will appreciate the importance to her of significant adult figures, her teachers in her life. Good teachers are a major factor in the making of a good school. You hear that from Ellie and she is correct. The research is clear. The biggest influence on a child’s learning, after their parents, is the teacher in the room with them!