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Benefits and Resources

This sub-group of the FPG is responsible for establishing endowed Honours. These are student focused, can be named or be anonymous, and are defined as:

  • Prizes – for academic achievement/ progress
  • Awards – for non-academic achievement/ progress
  • Fellowships – to support teacher professional development
  • Bursaries – fee discount granted based on need or entrepreneurial spirit
  • Scholarships – fee discount granted in recognition of academic or general excellence
  • Memorial fund – established in memory of a School stalwart: eg. past staff or falconian
  • Student Initiative – An annual award to support student initiatives. This is not an endowed Honour because the sum needed will be secured from donations each year.


Endowments for Prizes and Awards help establish a culture of philanthropy at TKS because:

  • involve a smaller sum than a scholarship or bursary
  • involve the staff who need to have input into the sorts of Prizes and Awards the School needs
  • involve the administration team to manage the records (database) and donations
  • involve the Board because it gives final approval
  • involve the Comms/PR team who can help tell the story to the wider community

Endowing such awards is about the future and donors can feel proud their gift will be invested in perpetuity and the benefits for students will be lasting.

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