Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. – Erich Fromm

Much has been written about the need to prepare students for a future where they will be doing work that does not yet exist. The New Work Mindset revealed the implications of a changing world of work for young Australians, indicating that students entering the workforce today will have as many as 17 different jobs in at least five industries1.. This has driven the need for schools to shift from the traditional model of education to a model that places value on teaching skills and competencies that will equip students to manage the change in an uncertain environment.

The 6Cs – creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, contribution and character – inform the teaching practice at The Knox School. The review of the Middle School curriculum is complete and includes the new elective program in Year 9, known as The Cube. Students are engaging in learning that is designed using three principles: the experience of learning, transdisciplinary learning, and complex skill development. The electives offer students the opportunity to explore areas of learning for possible further study through discovery and the cultivation of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

It is not only at Year 9 that teachers are looking at including innovation and creativity in their lessons. I had the pleasure of joining the Year 7 Technology, Art and Design (TAD) class and participating in a virtual reality salsa class. While the act of me dancing is not important, the act of students creating and designing their own virtual reality worlds, exploring courageously and without inhibition, is indeed a very important one.

In classes across TKS, teachers are equipping students for the unknown. We do not resile from explicit teaching but are focussed on the growth and development of the student, equipping them adequately for life beyond the sanctity of school and a world that requires courage in the uncertainty of the 21st century.

  1. Foundation for Young Australians, 2017. The New Work Mindset. Melbourne, Australia.