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I warmly welcome your child to The Knox School. The exciting journey has begun, and I trust you will enjoy your time here as part of our community.

I look forward to a fruitful and beneficial relationship with you over the years.

Allan Shaw
Principal and Chief Executive

Important Information

Gathering information to help your transition is an important part of beginning a new year and a new school.

This page contains information for new students and parents at all year levels, and details the orientation and transition process and other information.

If you have any queries, please call the Registrar on 8805 3800 or email here.  Please complete any applicable forms as soon as possible and return to the Registrar’s office.

Book List Ordering Details

  • To place orders, please visit Campion’s website,
  • Enter the 4-character code X8Y6 when prompted.
  • Orders will be delivered directly to your home address between 4 January and 22 January. The Knox School will not be holding a collection day in 2021.
  • Orders must be submitted by Wednesday 2 December to ensure orders are delivered prior to students return to school.
  • If this deadline is not met, parents are still able to order texts via the Campion website however the order may not be received until after the return to school in 2021.

Meet your Heads of House

CHISHOLM – Chris Brand

Chisholm House is where the memories are made. Our students are diverse, with ambitions and talents aplenty, yet within this lies our true strength. A strong House is strong in all areas and is able to rely on the strengths of its individuals to overcome any challenge.  I have the privilege to lead our team of amazing Tutors but I am also our students’ biggest supporter. I’m there to celebrate the highs and I’m there to lift us when things are tough. We stand as one in Chisholm and together we make each other stronger.

FLINDERS – Jo Vanderpol

I hope you are excited to start Year 7. As Head of House I wish to create a House that fosters an optimistic culture and creates the best possible environment for you to flourish.  I oversee the development of student leadership within our House, provide encouragement for House competitions, and am a central point for information relating to Flinders. In 2021, I will be on maternity leave, but Flinders will be in the very capable hands of Mrs Chiu. She will be a great caretaker and hopefully help Flinders win the Trifecta of Swimming, Athletics and House Arts.

LAWRENCE – Lindi Chiu

We are a strong and vibrant house known for our success in all House activities. While we are confident, competitive and determined, Lawrence is characterised by kindness and respect for others as we uphold the School values. I have been the caretaker Head of House for 2020, but will pass on the mantle of leadership to Ms Janelle Mathias next year.  I will be keen to meet all of you and enjoy a bit of friendly House rivalry as we battle for supremacy for the 2021 House shield!

PATERSON – Travis Parker

Paterson is a highly collaborative House that is run by our students, for our students. Students have the opportunity to pursue leadership opportunities throughout their years at TKS and are all highly involved in creating and running House events. We have a strong culture of supporting each other, and we promote a high level of participation in our sporting, artistic and academic pursuits. We have a very dedicated team of Tutors who fully support and encourage all of our students, and I wish to welcome all of our new Year 7s for 2021.

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