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Did you know that a group of year 11 students are on their way to NASA this year? Not as students, but as entrepreneurs to pitch and promote their innovative cyber security product. Their biometric fingerprint credit card chip is patented in Australia and is pending in America. These students were awarded ‘Best innovation in 2018’ in Australia in the highly respected Conrad Challenge. They are invited to Cape Canaveral to participate in the world finals in 2019.

How did they get to NASA from Knox? The Conrad Challenge takes teams of students aged 13-17 from around the world to create products and develop programs that challenge real world problems from six categories: Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, and Health & Nutrition, Transforming Education with Technology and Smoke-Free World. Students, like those from The Knox School, leave behind the label of ‘student’ and claim that of ‘entrepreneur’, ‘Problem solver’ and ‘World citizen’. They explore, collaborate, innovate and refine their projects with minimal guidance from teachers. This is a student led, project based experience that transforms their learning horizon. It requires passion and commitment. Those involved learn to think critically, look at the world compassionately and consider the real world issues that they will face in their future.

When the 3.30pm bell goes, how would you like to roll up your sleeves and say you are creating a commercially viable innovation that can genuinely change lives for the better, building a sustainable future for your neighbourhood, the city, the country or the world?

Or you could just pack your books away and go home.

To get involved, contact our Registrar today

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