The Knox School’s Year 9 Cube learning program allows students’ creativity and critical thinking to flourish.  Our Cube subjects are focused on transforming the learning experience for students, fostering transdisciplinary learning and complex skill development.

In the subject Chocolate – A Love Story, students learn about the mythology, history and ethics of chocolate production and develop a project of their own design which demonstrates their understanding, skills and knowledge creatively.

Applying this knowledge to Chocolate, students are able to display their developing inquiry skills in negotiated final products such as a short play, an animated video or a documentary report.

In the final Ethics Mastery Task students chose to go deep in their topic of inquiry. A range of issues were explored such as “freedom of speech”, MMA fighting and the ethics of compulsory vaccinations. Student voice and choice is central to student development and discovery. View their video below. The Knox School is proud to be able to equip our students with the skills and attributes for success now and in the future by developing their critical thinking and helping them go deeper to understanding the world around them.

By Ben Ritchie

Ben is an experienced Leader of Quality Education at The Knox School. He believes that The Cube’s student-centred approach to learning best prepares our students for future success. The philosophical underpinnings of The Cube include: develop 21st Century Skills (6 C’s) and promote students choice and voice helps our students be ready for the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world they are entering.