Important points to remember:

1. Take a common sense approach to the use of social media. Usage should not be excessive, nor interfere with other aspects of a well-balanced life, especially important aspects such as school work, sleep and exercise;

2. Remember when posting to social media sites that posts are public and the record is permanent;

3. Treat all your online relationships, photos and commentary as though they were face to face. If you would not show or tell your grandmother, then do not post it online. In other words, be polite, respect privacy (yours and others), don’t gossip and don’t say anything you would not like said about you.

4. Avoid deception. Be clear and transparent;

5. Inappropriate remarks can damage your own reputation and credibility and those of your friends. Poor reputations are easily made and can be hard to refashion;

6. Always think twice prior to posting a photo, comment, tweet or blog entry. If in doubt, do not do it;

7. In short, remember your responsibilities as a member of your community;

8. Let a parent or teacher know if things go wrong.

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