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From the Head of Junior School

“The Junior School is a safe, supportive and nurturing learning community, catering for students from Prep to Year 6. The Junior School is committed to providing opportunities that allow every child to experience success in their learning through rich, diverse and stimulating opportunities and experiences.

The Junior School strives to ensure every child reaches their full potential, by providing a personalised approach to learning that promotes a positive, challenging and affirming learning experience. Children are encouraged to seek meaning, be curious, collaborate, take risks and challenge themselves. This is achieved by building strong foundations in Literacy and Numeracy, while also providing a holistic learning environment that promotes inquiry, creativity, questioning and exploration. Throughout the learning journey, we encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and build independence.

In addition to a strong pastoral and classroom program, children are also immersed in a rich Specialist Program. The Specialist teachers work closely with classroom teachers to develop a curriculum that links concepts and skills across a range of topics.

Specialist programs include:

  • Art
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Language – Chinese
  • Music
  • Library

Within the Junior School, we place significant importance on building an active learning community and fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness that nurtures the social, emotional and personal growth of children, through a focus on building wellbeing and resilience. We value respectful, caring and supportive relationships between children, teachers and families. We work closely with families to support children’s learning and development at home and in the community.

Teachers at The Knox School value how well they know their students and how each learns. As a small school, students are known by all the teachers. The one-campus environment allows students to confidently and comfortably transition from one year level to another. We strive to create a learning environment with seamless transition points, particularly for students moving from Pre-Prep 4 into Prep, and from Year 6 into Year 7. This is underpinned by a transition program that supports children through critical stages in their education. At every level, there is a sense of looking forward, and yet an appreciation of what has gone before.”

Catherine Samuel
Head of Junior School


The Best Place for Little People

The Junior School is a warm, supportive environment where every child is encouraged to feel welcome, valued and safe.


Your child will be well cared for. Our staff prides itself on knowing and caring for all members of each child’s family.


Each child from Year 2 to Year 7 receives free music tuition on a rotation of orchestral instruments with opportunities to become part of our exciting musical ensembles.


Students can take advantage of a variety of co-curricular activities such as chess, yoga, performing arts, short film making and more.

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