At TKS, we recognise that in these unusual times our students may have periods of learning at home.

Our innovative Home Campus model allows students to be resilient in their learning, while focusing on deepening connections across our community, and prioritising wellbeing.
We are committed to ensuring that every student is an adaptable and resilient learner who is confident in the face of challenges.

The TKS Home Campus learning model fuses innovative technology, academic research, and best practice learning models from our network of partnerships across Australia and around the globe. Our model provides collaborative online learning that allows for real-time engagement with peers and teachers as well as authentic Personalised Learning experiences.

Home Campus Model

The Home Campus model allows students greater flexibility to work in a way that suits their family.

Our academics remain rigorous but recognises that learning at home is fundamentally different to learning in person so our approach is designed to bring out the best of students in a remote environment.

IT Support

Our IT team is available to support parents and students in their home learning periods.


From gratitude feeds and dedicated time outdoors to professional counselling, wellbeing is at the centre of our Home Campus model.

Regular communication

Throughout periods of Home Campus, our families are kept informed every step of the way with updates from our Principal, Heads of Subschool and classroom teachers.