Middle School students completed a range of surveys mid-year that gathered data on their levels of resilience, mental health and well-being, and levels of hope and optimism.

The surveys used were scientifically validated, reliable and internationally accepted measures for data gathering in these areas. The data analysis was conducted by independent third party professionals at arm’s length from the school. All individual data was aggregated and disconnected from any individual identifying features.

The adolescent years are a time of significant growth and change and thus can be problematic. As an experienced educator, I know that it is in these years that students are more likely than in other age groups to suffer from self-doubt, pessimism, issues of connectedness and risky behaviours.

While my experience suggests the norms mentioned above, at The Knox School the results were outstanding!

In Year 7 we can note that:
• 80% of students experience ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ resilient behaviours
• There are high levels of connectedness to the school
• 93% of students report high levels of hope and optimism
• 88% of students report healthy eating habits
• 93% of students were rated as physically fit
• 90% of students stated that they had good adult role models at home or at school
• 96% of students felt encouraged by the school

In Years 8 and 9, some of the highlights were:
• Over 95% of students were at little or negligible levels of risk with regard to alcohol, smoking or drugs
• 90% of students are highly engaged at school
• 86% of students stated that they had good adult role models at home or at school
• 93% of students felt encouraged by the school
• 96% of students felt safe at school

Overall, it should be noted in all measures of resilience and protective behaviours, The Knox School students in Years 7 to 9 consistently rated above national averages for similar groups of students.

Over 90% of Knox Middle School students have ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ levels of well-being and mental health, and optimism and hope for the future. This is a strong indication of the quality of parenting conducted at home and the complementary and supportive work by staff at school.

We all will continue to strive for 100% positive responses in these measures but we should all take great satisfaction from the hard work that has led to these results.

The Knox school is a great place to be for adolescents! Spread the word!