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Music at The Knox School gives students of all ages and abilities a wonderful opportunity to learn, perform and love music.

Their musical journey begins early with weekly music lessons in Prep and Year 1. At this point they first discover the fundamentals of music in melody and rhythm through singing, movement and percussion playing.

In Year 2 and 3 all students have the incredible experience of learning a Violin or Cello through small group lessons as part of their classroom music program. Over the two year period, students gain a wonderful understanding not only for their instrument, but also for note reading, ensemble playing and performing and much, much more.

In Year 4 the students can consolidate their string playing as well as their note reading, rhythmic understanding and are introduced to basic chord structures and progressions through learning and performing on the Ukulele.

Year 5, 6 and 7 students have the incredible experience of the Band and String Extension Program or start learning a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument as part of the Band Program.

All students are loaned an instrument to take home for the three years during this program. They learn in small groups with a specialist instrumental teacher. Once they have reached a certain level on their instrument, the students form bands and ensembles to perform at various concerts and the Victorian Schools Music Festival.

Students also attend one period per week of classroom music in these classes. Students learn the theory behind the music. This involves learning about how their instrument works, the history of the instrument and famous performers and composers of that instrument. During this class students are also learning the skills required to compose a solo work for their instrument.

After completing the Band and String Extension Program (BASE), students are encouraged to take the opportunity of having private music lessons with one of our instrument specific teachers.

Music is an elective subject in Years 8 and 9. Students work at their own level and bring to class music that they are learning to perform. They study the various theoretical and analytical skills required to Analyse – Perform – Record – Review their work.

Year 9 sees the students take their skills to another level by learning how to Program – Compose – Record – Review their work.

In Years 10 to 12, students focus on VCE music in its various forms. Students completing VCE Music are given one 60 minute lesson per week on their main instrument. Students can elect a music subject a year above their normal studies (e.g. a Year 10 student can do Year 11 Units 1 and 2 Music).

The subjects offered are:
• Year 10 Music
• Units 1 and 2 Music Performance
• Units 3 and 4 Music Performance Solo or Group
• Unit 3 and 4 Music Investigation.

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