Values are the ideals that give significance to our lives, that are reflected through the priorities we choose, and that we act on consistently and repeatedly.
Hall, Brian. 1994. Values Shift: A Guide to Personal and Organisation Transformation. Rockport. MA. Twin Lights Publishers Inc.

For something to be of value, it must be chosen from amongst alternatives and acknowledged as worthy by its owners. The draft values that follow have been chosen from amongst others after being worked through a long process by the staff and school board; they are now open to consultation through the broader school community. They are a small amendment on those published previously and these small amendments reflect changing needs and priorities in the School.

Achievement is set in a growth and improvement model associated with Professor Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset. This value, along with others, are designed to assist in focussing attention in building a school culture where care and empathy for others is linked with building capacity and strength within oneself.

These draft values are core values. They are not the only values that will be seen day-to-day in the life of the school community, but are the key values, the most important, the ones that we focus upon! Our working memory will usually manage to remember a number of items but that of a child only improves with age and thus it is prudent to limit the number of values to a handful. It is a manageable number, a group that can be drawn upon on a day-to-day basis by all members of the school community.

Children grow up and flourish best when the values, attitudes and behaviours of the adults around them align and are in concert. All school communities work with some common purpose, albeit this purpose can be not clearly defined and explicit. These draft values and associated attitudes and behaviours expressed for staff and students are placed before you after an extensive process by the staff. The result has been endorsed by the Board of Directors as a positive and necessary step.

The core values document is an attempt to identify sets of behaviours and attitudes that stem from the draft core values. If demonstrated in day-to-day school life, these behaviours and attitudes will model our values for others in our community, be they friends, colleagues, students, staff and parents. Successful modelling of the values will ultimately have a direct impact on others especially those younger, their feelings and consequent behaviours.

Achievement – Accomplishing a ‘personal best’ in the world of work, education and personal development
Care and Empathy – Being emotionally & physically supported, helping others and understanding their perspectives
Respect – Honour or regard for the worth of others
Resilience – The mental/psychological skill to properly adapt to stress and adversity>
Responsibility – Being personally accountable for & able to make decisions influencing a course of action

After discussion, amendment, acceptance and confirmation, it is expected that members of our community will do their best to implement the desired modelling of the values within the total life of the School. We need to be the evolving learners we are trying to inspire our children/students to become.