Over the term break we have been busy finalising The Knox School’s app, and we are very proud to launch it today for parents, students, and teachers.

The Knox School app has been designed to allow parents and students to quickly access many elements of The Nest, and is available in both the iOS App Store for Apple devices, and also the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Much of the functionality available in The Nest’s web portal is available in The Knox School app, including:

  • News items from your child’s teachers, sub-schools, and groups
  • Your calendar of events
  • A learning portal, linking to your children’s timetable, due work, and grades
  • Groups you belong to, including any additional notifications
  • The ability to use the app to register absences
  • A link to your child’s co-curricular activities, such as Music ensembles and sporting teams

When you first log into The Knox School app you will be required to use your TKS credentials to login via a Windows authentication screen; the same credentials you use to sign into The Nest’s web portal.

You can also manage the type and frequency of notifications within The Nest’s web portal. Notifications can be modified to arrive in the form of a weekly digest to your email address; instant emails to immediately alert you when News Items are added or marks have been published for your child/ren’s work; or as push notifications to The Knox School app. The notifications have been set generically to start, however parents and students will have control over all the types of notifications they wish to receive.

We are constantly working towards best practice at The Knox School, so please do keep in contact with me (travis.parker@knox.vic.edu.au) should you have any ideas for improvements within The Nest, and I wish everyone the best of luck for a productive and rewarding Term 2.

Travis Parker
Head of Strategic Systems