Each year, parents of ELC, Years 2, 5, 8 and 12 are asked to complete a Parent Satisfaction Survey. This was done in early August 2019.

The results have been with me and other senior staff now for a few weeks and are still being analysed. There is an enormous amount of useful data. The full report is nearly 200 pages in length.

At a Community Consultation I prepared and delivered a summary of the full report. Even the succinct summary comprised some 50 slides. There is a link to this summary following.

The overall levels of satisfaction exhibited by parents is very high, though as Principal, I can see areas for further improvement.

The goal I have espoused to staff recently is one of moving The Knox School from good to great. The data shows we are well ‘on the way’. Moving from good to great is hard work but the children and young people in our care deserve nothing but a great education and upbringing, if they are to successfully take their place in the adult world.

The benchmark comparison shows we are now at or consistently better than the MMG school benchmark average. MMG’s client base has a majority of high fee, inner city, established independent schools.

The chart on Page 12 shows that all criteria regarded as their highest priorities by parents have expectations that have been met or exceeded. I am very pleased with this result and I am very grateful to all the staff for their dedication and hard work in ensuring these types of results are gained.

There are many pleasing data sets in this summary. Please take a look at the published summary. Congratulations to all concerned. The Knox School is in a ‘sweet spot’ and it will get better.