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Welcome to your Passion Project Virtual Gallery

What is a Passion Project?

A Passion Project is something that you choose to pursue in your own time which gives you joy.  It is not work set for a class at school or something that is assessed, it is something that you spend time developing or an activity that you engage in which has a positive impact on your wellbeing and sense of self.  

Passion Projects are as unique as we are!  There are many different things that could be considered a Passion Project.  Here are some examples:  drawing, painting, craft, sewing, building, cooking, physical activity, puzzles, teaching yourself a new song on your instrument, coding, establishing a YouTube channel, reading and reviewing a good book, writing a blog, gaming, creating new virtual worlds, redecorating your house, restoring old furniture, the list is endless!

Harrison McKenzie

My passion is Basketball. Basketball is an awesome sport than anyone can play. I have loved basketball for a very long time, and I have increased in school over time. You can not get better if you do not practise and train. If you keep practising, you will become a great basketball player. 

Ishaan Dhumatkar

My friends and I played a Minecraft survival world together. We had a survivor challenge so the longest standing person won – all of us died very soon so the challenge was over. But it was awesome playing.

Kayla Ong

I chose Minecraft because I like to be creative. It enables me to spend time with my friends as we design together. Me, Ash, Kayla and Ish included all sorts of blocks like wood, glass, brick, stairs and cobblestone. This made me feel part of a team and happy, since I was talking, sharing ideas and building with my friends. When we finish, it will be very satisfying as we will have achieved this together.

Kayla Gower

Brooke Anderson

My passion project is a drawing of my friend and I. I used an app called ‘Adobe Draw’ on my phone to draw this. The drawing looks pretty similar to the original photo, which was my goal at the start. I completed small bits at a time and am still continuing the background of my drawing as it is very detailed.

Sunny Kolwalkar

My passions are building Lego and playing Music

Nathan Flinn

I learned to kick a snap at the local oval. It helped keep me fit too.

Harjas Sarna

My 90 second video is about gaming [mostly fortnite.] I got some clips from my older ones and cinematics and edited it.  While I was editing I tried out a new edit.  It made it so it can speed the video up or and it can change the colour of the screen.

Thaman Sarna

My passion is learning new languages

Lacey Wastell

My passion is drawing

Harnaaz Sarna

My passion is art and craft

Asha Oliver

My passion is making paper planes

Arvin Wijayasinha

My passion is to build with LEGO. Here are all the LEGO builds that I made during COVID 19 lockdown.

Olivia Nation

My passion is riding my bike every day.

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