The Board of Directors of The Knox School (TKS) at its last meeting in late August formally endorsed the model of Personalised Learning as the School’s long term strategy. This Strategy defines the focus and key priorities for the School over the coming years. Implementation shall be carefully researched, communicated and phased, building progressively towards the achievement of our core purpose.

Grow and promote the learning and wellbeing of each student so they thrive and contribute in a complex and changing world: they become the ‘architects and advocates’ of and for their future.

Students at The Knox School ACT out their lives: Advocate, Contribute and Thrive.

Our challenge at TKS is to further cultivate a culture of personal excellence and accomplishment such that:

The Knox School will become recognised as a centre of excellence in the design and implementation of personalised learning.

The model of personalised learning is grounded in a rich evidence base and the consideration of external trends, which are progressively reshaping the educational and social landscape.

After more than 12 months of community consultation, with a special focus on the two key stakeholder groups of parents and staff, there is now an acceptance of personalised learning as our long term goal.

Our success will most importantly establish an enduring legacy for your children, our students. The school community will benefit as TKS will be clearly distinguished as an educational thought leader. It will also provide the School with a real competitive advantage and provide a positive influence on education and society more broadly.

The delivery of the Strategy is grounded in our beliefs and values. As a school that acknowledges the spiritual dimension of each person yet without religious affiliations, our values form our compass, shaping our approach morally, strategically, intellectually and operationally.
Our plans be guided by four key principles:

Connect: real learning is relational;

Shape: real learning requires expert teaching;

Provoke: real learning is challenging: it can be uncomfortable;

Position: real learning must be purposeful.

These principles are grounded in a robust evidence base, are action oriented, and in combination will be a competitive advantage to your children, our students.

PL@TKS is a long term proposition that as it is developed will be carefully planned, executed and communicated.

A key development in recent years has been the expansion of our base of key strategic partners. The most important addition has been the strong connection made with the faculty of Education at Monash university, particularly through the Executive Dean of the Faculty, Professor John Loughran. Professor Loughran has a strong professional interest in our personalised learning strategy and he and his team have already made a number of important contributions in its development. The University of Melbourne has long been a partner of TKS with regard to our International Students and more recently with the implementation of wellbeing programs. Swinburne University of Technology has recently joined us as we implement their resilience building program called Aristotle.

Our next phase of development is underway and a number of small pilot schemes are currently being planned or running now.
One exemplary example is outlined in a recent blog post called A Tale of Wonder and Delight, which outlines a real life, complex furniture design task being undertaken by a group of Year 6 students and Honours students in Industrial Design from RMIT University. There are others that will be the focus of future blog posts and the occasional Falcon article, whether by me or other staff.

These pilot schemes will be monitored and evaluated by staff often with the assistance of our University strategic partners.

The Board of the Knox School has not only endorsed the Strategy but has agreed to resource its development.