The Knox School prides itself on its diversity and the numerous cultures represented in its community. The community data gathered in 2023 determined that 55 different countries are represented at TKS, an aspect that is to be celebrated and acknowledged for the incredible richness of culture it brings to the School.

TKS is committed to providing a welcoming and engaging environment that provides a sense of belonging and safety for all community members. This is underpinned by the School values, most pertinently ‘Respect’. The different ethnic and cultural backgrounds are part of what makes the School such a vibrant place. While we are not identical individuals, we are united in demonstrating respect and tolerance for the differences.

The School embraces the different cultures as unique learning opportunities. Our students have the opportunity to learn from their peers, as well as alongside them, fostering a broadening of horizons that can support and enhance a growth mindset. By nurturing a strong sense of belonging, there is a greater feeling of connectedness which, in turn, can create better mental health and learning outcomes.

Another benefit of a diverse environment is the development of empathy: promoting awareness of and personal connections with individuals from diverse cultures can help students avoid forming prejudices later in life. As they become more familiar with the experiences and perspectives of people of different cultural groups, they are better able to empathise with those who may have different backgrounds or experiences than themselves.

The ability to interact with a diverse range of social groups and to feel confident in themselves and their interactions with others is an invaluable skill set for the future. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, the ability to collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse cultures and social groups is becoming more important than ever.

The collection of countries’ flags in the Senior School Quad were updated recently to reflect the School’s amazing diversity and it is a visual reminder of The Knox School’s rich tapestry and the respect that must be shown for all member of the TKS community.

This week TKS engaged with the National Reconciliation Week through a series of activities for students and staff to learn about the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Toni-Ann Bright
Head of People and Culture