Term One in the Junior School has been filled with the resumption of many students’ experiences and opportunities, and It has been wonderful to see our Junior School program in full swing again.

Our ELC and Prep students have transitioned smoothly into the school year, adapting well to new routines and structures. It is such a pleasure to watch them learn and see them so engaged in the varied learning opportunities and the wow moments when they experience something for the first time.

Early in the term, we held our Junior School Information and Welcome Evening. It was a great turn out, with many families attending. The evening had a warm and festive atmosphere, with everyone enjoying catching up and being together. Unfortunately, we could not hold our Junior School Picnic due to the short lock-down in February, but we will look forward to hosting this again next year.

Assemblies are an important part of the Junior School program, providing an opportunity for us to come together as a sub-school to reinforce the School values, acknowledge and celebrate students’ achievements in different ways. This term, we recognised both our Year 6 leaders and our SRC representations at our first two assemblies of the year. This was followed by Year 4 and Year 2 assembly presentations, in which they shared and showcased the many experiences and learning opportunities they have had throughout the term. Parents have enjoyed watching via the live streams on Friday mornings.

In Junior School classrooms, one of our focuses has been making the 6C’s, communication, collaboration, creative thinking, critical thinking, character and contribution, visible and explicit across our lessons. These words and understanding what they mean in practice are becoming part of our everyday language and behaviours in Junior School.

This year our Year 12 Prefects have been very active and visible in the Junior School. They have regularly attended assemblies, addressing the students directly, handing out awards and certificates, sharing their talents and passions and just sitting with the children. They have also partaken in House Activities, lead special activity days, and even go out during recess and lunchtimes. They have been great role models, and our students have loved sharing these times with them. We thank them for their enthusiasm and involvement.