Imagine if the city council’s Senior Program Manager for Climate Response presented the local impacts of the global climate crisis to your class, and then you were challenged to find solutions (inspired by nature) to one of these problems. What if you then presented your solutions to a panel made up of representatives of the city council, including a councillor?

Imagine if the Chief Development Officer at Star of the South (Australia’s first offshore wind project) discussed with your class the importance of wind power for a sustainable future, and then you were challenged to design, build and test innovative wind turbine designs to more efficiently capture wind energy for electrical production. What if you then presented your solutions as informative posters or mini-documentaries to better inform the general public about the “power of wind”?

Well, you don’t need to imagine any longer. At The Knox School, Year 9 students engaged in our skill-focused, interdisciplinary CUBE electives are doing this and much more!

As part of The Knox School’s approach to personalised learning, we understand the importance of the holistic development of our students as individuals. Success is more than achieving good academic grades. Success is also developing the skills and character attributes that will make our graduates successful in all areas of their future lives.

Our CUBE electives are designed to empower our students to engage with the world around them, combining experiential learning outside of traditional subject areas, with their individual development of key “soft” skills. By having the 6Cs (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, contribution and character) at the heart of their learning, students are prepared to take on challenges, build resilience, and reimagine learning as profoundly connected to their own personal growth.

By Dr Rami Stiglec (Manager: Academic Program).

Dr Rami Stiglec is one of a team of innovative teachers at TKS that is facilitating this exciting program, giving students agency and voice in solving real-world problems that are important to them and the wider community. In class, students are given the freedom to question, explore, design, research and present solutions. Students engage with expert, external third parties who, along with their teachers, act as critical friends to guide them along their learning journeys. By reimagining education in this manner, Rami, and the team at TKS, inspire our students to #findtheirniche.