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All schools have a responsibility to their student cohort to establish, teach and reinforce recycling and sustainability; this should be a core value and top priority of every school. Our mission at TKS is twofold: to provide information to our students, and to create opportunities for the practical application of this information.

Our aim of promoting recycling and sustainability at TKS will afford us the opportunity to become a leading exponent of sustainability in the greater Knox area. As a result, we can be secure in the knowledge that our students leave us as rounded, responsible people who are broadly educated and will make an even contribution to their greater community.

2017 saw the formation of a Sustainability Committee made up of passionate students and staff. The committee meets regularly to develop aims and objectives of the Committee, and to discuss the best ways to implement them across the school. Our focus for 2018 was Waste – specifically, how to minimise and effectively stream the amount of waste that TKS generates.

In 2017, students of the Sustainability Committee worked with So-Eco for Schools to determine that there is an opportunity to reduce landfill waste by up to 97%.

We are very close to achieving a 2-star rating through ResourceSmart Schools. Future projects include further development of the school composting system, the introduction of regular ‘nude food’ days, water saving taps and timers on lights to be installed as upgrades and refurbishments take place across the school, and nurturing and establishing at least one new habitat. There is also a growing presence of sustainable practice in the school curriculum, and building the link between the study of sustainable practice in the classroom with what is happening around the school is an essential part of this overall process.

The Knox School is committed to providing all members of its community with the opportunity to positively contribute to the world around us. By working together across the whole school, we will achieve strong and consistent results in sustainable practice. We will contribute positively to our community and transcend the already high expectations to which we hold ourselves accountable. We will nurture the development of our young people with the aim to create well-rounded, whole, and thoughtful members of our community.

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