What a term it has been!

Our first day back at School in early February seems like it was such a long time ago. When we stop to reflect on the term it has been, it is surprising to consider all that has occurred in our community over this time.

We have celebrated multiple events over the course of this very busy term – A few highlights include the Year 7 and Year 4 camps, parent welcome nights, the swimming and athletics carnivals and subsequent championships, the Year 12 Formal and of course, Rock Out@TKS which was held last night. When we consider that we did not hold any events at all for the first 5 weeks of school due to covid restrictions, it is remarkable to consider how much we have done in only 5 weeks!

The term has been full of celebrations and experiences, but it has also been challenging for many within our community. I am pleased to say that unlike many other schools TKS has not needed to move to an online learning model this term, in part because of the remarkable efforts of our staff. We have managed teaching absences through pre-planned replacements and staff joining classrooms together and sharing the load. In other words, we have worked together to ensure continuity where possible and have worked hard to provide solutions that put our students and their safety first. I am so proud and appreciative of our staff, I thank them for their tireless efforts this term and I wish them a restful break.

Our students too have provided us with the inspiration and motivation to continue to organise amazing experiences for them. It is so rewarding to see their smiling faces as they participate in school events that have not been staged for up to two years. This is a part of the hidden curriculum in schools and is just as valuable in terms of learning as is sitting in a classroom.

I hope that the upcoming term break and holidays are restorative and rejuvenating for all of those in our community. If you are travelling, please stay safe and I look forward to welcoming you all back in Term 2.


Melinda Davis
Deputy Principal