In my last blog post I ended with this quote taken from a report by Deloitte on the future of work.

With the future of work more human than ever, organisations have a responsibility to build community trust. (Page iv)

The need to build community trust is important to me as the principal of a local school.

Community trust is built through many activities and one important one is good communication.

Thus it is my responsibility to outline to you the trends emerging in good schools, focussed on preparing children for their adult world. There is one important caveat to these trends. Solid academic skills of literacy, numeracy and good knowledge base remain foundational elements of a good education.

These traditional elements of a good school education are now, of themselves, insufficient for success in the adult world. In addition, the following are required:

  1. Positive attitudes and dispositions, and strong interpersonal skills are now added to the traditional academic goals of education.
  2. Learning is more active and engaging with a mixture of teacher directed tasks and tasks that require students to make decisions and enact those decisions, building confidence in research, decision making and enacting decisions in age appropriate ways. We also now make the learning attached to real life as much as possible, expanding immersive experiences.
  3. There is a shift towards exhibiting competency in an area, showing what you know and can do, rather than simple ‘seat time’ of turning up. Exhibiting skills and knowledge also extends to exhibiting skills in collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and oral communication skills, the skills most adults need and use each working day.
  4. Support structures are becoming more personalised. Good schools get to know and understand their students, supporting them as a unique individual growing and learning, guiding and positioning them for the next step in their life, be that from Prep to Year 1 or from school into the adult work of tertiary study or work.
  5. In providing support and guidance, we also expect students to make a contribution, practising being a part of a community and contributing to that community, reciprocating the support received or passing similar support onto others.

Your children will thrive amongst the opportunities that the future will hold for them if you work in partnership with your school.

The future of work is human, according to Deloitte.

Helping our children become the best adults possible is our common task.


Deloitte Australia. 2019. The Path to Prosperity: The Future of Work is Human, Insight Series, Building the Lucky Country #7.