Any way you look at it, Year 12 is hard work and a challenge; mentally, physically and emotionally. There is never a way around that and we admire each and every student in the Year 12 cohort for taking on the challenge.

I congratulate all of our 2019 Year 12s – and their families –  who have put in the ‘hard yards’, perseverance and application to achieve great results ranging up to outstanding; to personal bests and deserved results for efforts put in.

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Sahana Sughesh is our Dux of 2019 with an ATAR of 99.0. Sahana studied six subjects achieving a score over 40 in five of them. Her top result was a score of 47 in Psychology and a score in the mid-30s for the 6th subject. A highly impressive result with a spread of subjects from Specialist Maths, Chemistry through to English Literature.

Sahana’s score of 99 is the highest score for our Dux for some years. Congratulations Sahana! Special thanks to her support team of family and teachers.

I congratulate all of our students’ teachers who are the mentors always behind their students; teaching, encouraging, nurturing, calming and maximising their learning and ability to perform at their best.

At Knox, our focus is on partnerships and collaboration between students, teachers and family to achieve our common aim of successful preparation and pathways beyond Year 12 and the school gates.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Year 12 families for the support that starts at home not only for your children, but for our school.

ATARs are one measure of success for students who want university entrance to be the next step in their life after school. Study Scores are another measure commonly looked upon as a measure to judge a school. At Knox, we focus on each student attaining a ‘personal best’, a level of achievement that is both attainable and a challenge.

Every year is a little different and this year we have seen some truly outstanding results.

The median ATAR of our local students was 79.4, closely aligned with the result of 2018.

20% of our students achieved an ATAR above 90.

42% achieved an ATAR above 80 and 62% above 70. This the second best set of data in my time at the school.

This year our median Study Score was 32 for the fourth year in succession. We will again interpret our results and learn anything we can to make sure that next year’s cohort is given every opportunity and support to perform at their very best

Through the wisdom and experience of staff such as Jacky Burton, our Careers Practitioner, who has worked closely with the students over the past few years and continues to do so, we have close to a 100% placement rate for our students into their tertiary courses of choice. We expect this to occur again in 2019.

The Knox School provides our students with the opportunities to develop both character and intellect, offering a wide range of academic subjects and co-curricular offerings. A successful education goes far beyond the scores gained on a single measure such as the ATAR or Study Score.

I wish all our students well in the next chapter of their lives, whether that be at university, other institutions or joining the work force. I am proud of all of them and I hope they look back at their time at The Knox School favourably. They are now a proud alumnus of 2019 and we look forward to sharing in their future successes.