Today we celebrate the results of our Class of 2022. Completing their VCE during a three-year long pandemic, with multiple periods of remote learning; our students faced challenges and disappointments and yet they continued to thrive, upholding the TKS tradition of exceptional academic outcomes supported by the framework of holistic programs.

Their resilience, agility and the partnership between families and the School have led to this moment. We could not be prouder of this incredible cohort of students and the recognition of their hard work is reflected in the results they received today.

Our gratitude and thanks extend to our entire TKS community, the teaching staff, support staff and families who have worked tirelessly to encourage and support our students to reach their potential.

At TKS, we frame our experience through the metaphor of the three journeys; although today, we focus on and celebrate the culmination of Journey One, the academic, we also acknowledge the wide range of achievements of our graduating class. Together, the three journeys of a TKS graduate represent the range of opportunities that exist for our students. We are so proud of their involvement in Music, Performing Arts, Sport, and so many co-curricular activities over their years at the School.

In 2022, our students received a median Study Score of 32, an excellent result!

Our School Dux, Max Troiani, achieved an outstanding ATAR of 98.6 and his results included a perfect Study Score of 50 in Further Mathematics, and Study Scores in the 40s for Chemistry, English and Visual Communication Design. Achieving a perfect Study Score of 50 is a real rarity with just 629 scores of 50 awarded to Victorian students this year.

Max’s results, in a wide-ranging variety of subjects, are a testament to his demonstration of the School’s values and his commitment, dedication and resilience. Max exemplifies what it means to be a TKS Graduate being actively involved in so many journeys here at the School.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!