Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Our Class of 2021 have today made history.

Completing their VCE during a two-year long Pandemic, with multiple periods of remote learning; our students faced challenges and disappointments and yet they continued to thrive, upholding the TKS tradition of exceptional academic outcomes supported by the framework of holistic programs.

At TKS, we focus on the three learning journeys, and today we celebrate the culmination of Journey One, the Academic.

Our students’ incredible results are a testament to the hard work, resilience and tenacity of our graduating class, their families and the teachers who support them. We are so proud.

We extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire TKS community, our teaching staff, support staff and families who have worked tirelessly to encourage and support our students to reach their potential.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

2021 VCE Result Highlights

Profile of our Dux: Sadhana Sughesh – Class of 2021

Sadhana Sughesh came to The Knox School in 2016 as a student in Year 7. She immediately involved herself wholly in life at TKS, taking on everything to which she could turn her hand.  Contributions include Chamber Orchestra, Intermediate Concert Band and Chamber Strings, the Senior Choir, Tournament of the Minds, and House events for Lawrence such as Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

In Middle School, she was part of a successful Da Vinci Decathlon team and participated in the History competition and the World Scholars Cup. Sadhana has also played Volleyball and made noteworthy contributions to Hockey for the school; she has also been part of the Senior School musicals and plays.

In 2020 Sadhana was recognised for her leadership and ongoing contribution to the school by being a successful Prefect applicant, who emerged as Vice-Captain of the School. As one of the Prefects with the Peer Support portfolio, Sadhana showed kindness and leadership. She will surely be remembered by students in all year levels, for her active contributions to their daily lives. Her peers in 2021 voted her as Valedictorian, which led to the delivery of an inspiring speech to her peers and the community at the conclusion of the 2021 Academic Year.

A highly collaborative student, Sadhana brought out the best in students around her. She showed dedication and resourcefulness and was always willing to assist others.

In her VCE journey, Sadhana began with two accelerated subjects in 2019 and completing the Units in 2020, scoring 43 in Mathematical Methods and a masterful 49 in Biology. In 2021 Sadhana completed her VCE with two perfect Study Scores of 50 in English and Further Mathematics and a 48 in Psychology.