One of the overarching commitments at The Knox School under our Strategic Plan is to provide personalised learning for every student in our care.

This means we think beyond the traditional four walls of a school to promote a culture of personal excellence, allowing students to strive, experiment, fail forward, and achieve goals they may have thought previously unattainable.

We place value on outcomes beyond the norm. Traditional academic metrics don’t capture all the areas of student growth, so we have expanded their scope to include core affective skills comprised of “The 6Cs” – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and the all-important attributes of contribution and character.

The Knox School students engage in three journeys during their time with us: Our school value of achievement focuses on supporting students to attain their personal best through intentional frameworks and models. Our staff have invested significant amounts of professional learning time to research and innovate on best practice models to ensure we effectively measure growth across all three journeys.

This pedagogical shift has led to students spending more time collaborating with our staff, co-constructing learning experiences, engaging in reflective activities, looking at ways to define and refine their learning journey, and subsequently improve their learning outcomes. It has strengthened the level of trust and solidified relationships between teachers and their students, which we have found to be a key ingredient in leveraging student voice and student agency.

The personalised learning journey that students undertake at The Knox School is designed to prepare them for their future by equipping them with the skills, attitude and character dispositions to thrive and contribute in a complex and ever-changing world, supporting them to become the ‘architects and advocates’ of their future.

By Travis Parker
Travis is an Educational Leader at The Knox School. He is an authority in Learning and Teaching with expertise in Assessment, Digital Project Implementation, Mentorship and Timetabling. He is a passionate advocate for designing and teaching transdisciplinary electives that encourage student agency and choice amd believes the skills and dispositions acquired by students through these programs are of vital importance as they leave school and enter an increasingly uncertain world.