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Giving for all via endowed Honours

Endowing Prizes and Awards at all levels of the School from Prep – Year 12 facilitates discussion and collaborative thinking about what is needed to support the curriculum and co-curriculum in different parts of the School. A unique example would be the endowment of a teaching Fellowship to support teachers’ professional development.

The stories attached to the establishment of an endowed Honour will assist the FPG promote endowments and the notion of giving as a proud tradition. Such stories will also add a lasting legacy for the School and are an important part of its next stage of maturity.

Everything the FPG does is focused on students. For example, with the support of the School, Benefit Funds (scholarships and building funds) have been established to accept donations for equipment, buildings, facilities and endowments. It organises and hosts functions to connect with its key constituents: such as reunions for alumni and events for current parents, students and staff.


Endowing Prizes and Awards is a pioneering initiative. Such endowments help establish a culture of philanthropy in the School because:

  • it involves a smaller sum than the other Honours, such as a scholarship
  • involves the staff who need to have input into the sorts of Prizes and Awards
  • involves the administration team that need to manage the records (database) and money
  • involves the Board because it gives final approval
  • involves the Comms/PR team who can help tell the story to the wider community
  • Honours can be championed at the annual Presentation Night thus further embedding the notion of families (donors) supporting the School

Additionally, endowing such awards is about the future, and donors can feel proud their gift will be invested in perpetuity and the benefits for students will be lasting.

Endowed Honours are student focused and long lasting. They can be named or be anonymous and are defined as:

  • Prizes – for academic achievement/ progress
  • Awards – for non-academic achievement/ progress
  • Fellowships – to support teacher professional development
  • Bursaries – fee discount granted on the basis of need
  • Scholarships – fee discount granted in recognition of academic excellence or general excellence or entrepreneurial spirit
  • Memorial fund – established in memory of a School stalwart; this could be for a combination of any of the above or for one of the above
  • Student Initiative – An annual award to support student initiatives. This is not an endowed Honour because the sum needed will be secured from donations each year.
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