How to enrol your child

From three-year-old kindergarten in our Early Learning Centre right through to Year 12, The Knox School welcomes students from all backgrounds to experience our innovative Personalised Learning and teaching approach.

With our extensive academic and co-curricular program, the opportunities for your children at TKS are limitless.

Key entry year levels

Our key entry year levels are ELC, Prep, Year 5 and Year 7.

However, we invite prospective families to contact our Registrar if you would like to discuss enrolling at a different stage.

Once you’ve decided our School is right for your child, it’s important to enrol early. We have waiting lists at several year levels.

Enrolment steps


Take a tour

Take a tour
Attend one of our in-person or virtual tours and decide if The Knox School is right for your child. You’ll meet teachers and students who will share our vision, values, their own experiences and answer any of your questions.

Submit an enrolment

Submit an Enrolment Application form online
Complete an Enrolment Application Form and submit it to our School with the required documentation and enrolment fee to place your child on our applicant list. You can email the Registrar if you have any questions:


Attend an interview

Attend an interview
Before your child is offered a place at TKS, you will be required to provide past school reports and then attend an interview with the relevant Head of School.

These interviews are usually conducted 12 to 18 months prior to entry to our School. ELC is the exception, with interviews eight to 10 months before the school year starts.

The interview provides an opportunity for information to be shared, including any academic or wellbeing needs we should be aware of.

Offer to enrol

Offer to enrol
Following your interview, if there is a suitable place available you will receive an offer in writing outlining the details for acceptance. All offers are made in alignment with our Enrolment Policy.

Enrolment acceptance

Enrolment acceptance
To accept and confirm your child’s place, please sign and forward the Enrolment Agreement together with the $1,500 Confirmation Acceptance Fee within 14 days from the date of the offer. Part of this fee (currently $750) will then be returned to families as a credit towards their Term Four fees invoice in the first year of enrolment.

Join our community

Officially join our community
At this stage, you’re officially a part of our community. Welcome to The Knox School. We are thrilled you are joining our community. Our experienced educators will provide a smooth transition into the School for your child.

Find out more about Enrolment by submitting an Enrolment Enquiry below.

This is an enrolment enquiry. If you would like a member of our Admissions team to contact you, please provide your details below and you will hear from us shortly.