The Knox School established the TKS Building Fund in 2000 and the Scholarship Fund in 2019. The purpose of both funds is to support the needs of our students on their educational journey. Education is an inherently philanthropic endeavour. It is from the love of humankind that we devote our professional lives as teachers, and our personal lives as parents, towards nurturing young people towards adulthood. Due to the generous donations and gifts from our Community over the years, we have been able to complete numerous building projects to support the growing number of students, teachers and staff within the School. Whilst our Scholarship Fund is still in its infancy, its aim is to receive donations and gifts to enable us to continue providing opportunities for students who would not otherwise be able to attend our School.

Philanthropy’s literal meaning is ‘the love of humankind’. At TKS, we seek to foster a philanthropic culture within our community, engaging and motivating parents and friends of the School to collaborate with us so that we may give to many. Every gift is important, no matter how big or small. Every gift given makes a difference, directly benefitting the lives of our students.

What will your Scholarship donations go towards in 2024 and beyond?


Scholarships that will be directly funded from donations include:

  • The first Scholarship fully funded by community support
  • The Teaching Fellowship

  • Donate to the Scholarship Fund

    What will your Building donations go towards in 2024 and beyond?


    Major projects underway that will be directly funded from donations include:

  • Junior School Playground Upgrades
  • Solar Panels to support the School’s sustainability strategy
  • Community Café upgrades for students, staff, families and the wider community to enjoy
  • New classrooms to support expansion and increases in student numbers
  • Department-specific improvements including new music instruments (eg. a grand piano) and gym fitness equipment upgrades for the Sports Centre.

  • Donate to the Building Fund

    Thank you

    Thank you for considering making a donation to our Building and Scholarship Funds. Your contributions and gifts will make a difference to our whole School community.

    Tax deductible gifts and donations can be made to either or both of the funds below, and you will receive a tax receipt within three business days for your records. For any gifts over $2,000 please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Mr Dwayne Wathen at for options on how best to donate. Any donation over $2 is tax deductible.