We know young people thrive when they feel happy, secure and supported, especially at school.

That’s why we provide a safe, nurturing environment, with a connected community that genuinely cares for your child.

Our safety and positive behaviour policies are designed to build students’ confidence and resilience. We provide lots of additional support, from counsellors to house mentors and a buddy system with students in other year levels, to ensure your child thrives in learning and life.

House Mentor Program

On our campus, Senior and Junior school students smile at one another and know each other by name.

These relationships are developed in our mentor programs for students across all year levels.

In our House Program, Senior School students come together in House Groups, working closely with their Heads of House and Mentors for wellbeing check ins.

Students build strong connections with staff through this program, giving them another avenue of support.


Our School psychologist works in partnership with our students on a range of concerns, helping them achieve their desired outcomes.

This confidential service is available to students and their families by self or teacher referral.

Careers guidance

Our Careers Centre empowers students to realise their ambitions and make well-informed subject choices in preparation for life beyond school.

Students have access to one-on-one support and vocational guidance tests to help them think outside the box, identify their strengths and passions and build a pathway to their future.

Services include:

  • One-on-one career counselling, including on subject choices, Year 9-12.
  • Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre counselling for all Year 12 students.
  • Annual Careers Expo for Year 9-12 students, featuring over 30 organisations, tertiary institutions and professional associations who share inspirational stories and practical tips that highlight future pathways.
  • Support with resume writing and interview skills for work experience and part-time work opportunities.
  • Weekly Careers Bulletin and website updated with courses, regulations and pathways.