Your child will be empowered to achieve their academic potential and career goals in our supportive Senior School’s environment.

Our passionate teachers deliver a rigorous academic program focused on personalised learning. We’re here to help your children navigate their all-important final school years and prepare them for further study.

We’re proud our outstanding academic results. Our graduates have a history of receiving their first university preference based on outstanding VCE results achieved at the school.

Achieving excellence

We focus on your child’s interests and talents to ensure they thrive academically, providing a broad range of subjects to set your child up for future success.

Small class sizes, particularly in Year 12, allow us to provide individualised attention at this critical time in students’ education. In addition, their social and emotional wellbeing is supported – with daily wellbeing checks and dedicated mentors to guide them – during what may be a stressful period for some.


Independent, supported learners

We recognise each student is carving their own unique path.

We encourage their independence and readiness for further studies. Our students are supported to achieve their personal best by learning study skills, time management and setting goals.

Flexible learning periods allow them to develop autonomy and ensure they have the independence, resilience and self efficacy to prepare them for the next chapter in their education.

We encourage personal development and place emphasis on work ethic, community service, leadership and initiative.


Creating the next generation of leaders

We’re preparing our students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

As well as formal leadership opportunities, students are encouraged to participate in our extensive range of programs focused on building self-confidence, sound personal relationships, public speaking skills and individual organisational abilities.

Your child will graduate with the independence to succeed, no matter what path they choose.