We’re passionate about supporting your child to develop as a whole person

When they graduate, your child will be equipped with the knowledge and life skills to succeed in the world.

That’s why we ensure our students live rich and vibrant lives, inside and outside the classroom. Our philosophy is backed by experience and research, designed across three learning journeys.

The three learning journeys

Interconnected across students' entire TKS experience.

Journey One
Developing our
students academically

Journey Two
Focusing on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills to apply this knowledge; and

Journey Three
Building strength of character to live a life underpinned by strong values and a desire to give back.

Your child will discover who they are

In their classes, students can extend their learning with further academic challenges.

They can also develop their athletic skills, become an accomplished performer or artist, or bring their entrepreneurial ideas to life.

The football field and beyond

From the football field to the chess table, our wide range of co-curricular activities inspire students to be curious, discover new passions and build on their strengths.

Weekends are free from sporting activities, allowing students to participate in activities in their local communities and bring these passions back to our warm, safe and encouraging environment.

Joining a connected alumni

Your child will join our other graduates who leave The Knox School as resilient young people with the social skills and integrity to live rich and fulfilling lives.

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