Giving for all via endowed Honours

Endowing Prizes and Awards at all levels of the School from Prep – Year 12 facilitates discussion and collaborative thinking about what is needed to support the curriculum and co-curriculum in different parts of the School. A unique example would be the endowment of a teaching Fellowship to support teachers’ professional development.

The stories attached to the establishment of an endowed Honour will assist the FPG promote endowments and the notion of giving as a proud tradition. Such stories will also add a lasting legacy for the School and are an important part of its next stage of maturity.

Everything the FPG does is focused on students. For example, with the support of the School, Benefit Funds (scholarships and building funds) have been established to accept donations for equipment, buildings, facilities and endowments. It organises and hosts functions to connect with its key constituents: such as reunions for alumni and events for current parents, students and staff.


Endowing Prizes and Awards is a pioneering initiative that helps establish a culture of philanthropy in the School because:

  • endowed Honours are student focused and long lasting
  • it involves a smaller sum than the other Honours, such as a scholarship
  • involves the staff who need to have input into the sorts of Prizes and Awards
  • involves the administration team that need to manage the records (database) and money
  • involves the Board because it gives final approval
  • involves the Comms/PR team who can help tell the story to the wider community
  • Honours can be championed at the annual Presentation Night thus further embedding the notion of families (donors) supporting the School

Additionally, endowing such awards is about the future, and donors can feel proud their gift will be invested in perpetuity and the benefits for students will be lasting.

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2020 Donors and Volunteers

The Knox School is proud to thank and acknowledge the following donors and volunteers for their generous support in 2020. We also thank our donors and volunteers who wish to remain anonymous.

Dr L and Dr O Abeysekera
Mr D and Mrs K Abeywardana
Mr D Abraham
Mr A and Mrs S Acharya
Mr C and Mrs I Adam
Ms S Ali
Mr C and Mrs K Anderson
Mr S Ang and Ms S Chee
Mr D and Mrs N Arnott
Around the Clock Plumbing
Mr A Athukorala and Mrs D Wedage
Dr P Balanathan
Mrs S Ball
Mr D Battaglini
Mr D and Mrs A Bayne
Mr M and Mrs C Bede
Mr A and Mrs B Bell
Mr A and Mrs Z Biletskyy
Dr D Bird
Mr R Black and Mrs K Black
Mrs D and Mr M Blackmore
Mr T Bowles and Mrs L Prisco
Mr D and Mrs L Bowyer
Mr G Brammer
Mr P and Mrs K Bugeya
Mrs L Bullock
Mrs C Burnett-Wake
Mr S and Mrs C Cannon
Mr D and Mrs A Carter
Mr N Chand and Mrs B Devi
Mr B and Ms Z Chen
Mr Z Chen and Ms H Wan
Ms G Cheng and Mr D Shao
Mr Y Cheng and Ms C Wen
Mrs A Collins
Mrs Y Cong
Mr P and Mrs K Cormick
Mr R and Mrs J Crosby
Mr T Curtin and Ms T Truong
Mrs F and Mrs A Czarnecki
Mr P Daly and Mrs L Daly-Turner
Mr Y Dang and Ms D Li
Mr Sand Mrs G Davies
Mr C and Mrs M de Souza
Mr D Dharma and Ms S Neo
Dr L and Mrs S Dharmakularajah
Mr P Dhull and Mrs K Kaur
Mr D Dhumatkar and Ms A Naik
Mr J and Mrs T Dimitriadis
Mr S and Mrs T Dineshkumar
Mr B Ding and Mrs Y Shan
Mr L Dong and Ms Q Zhang
Mr Z Dong and Mrs Q Deng
Mrs K Doran
Mr Land Mrs S Dureja
Mr Kand Mrs J Dyt
Mr Rand Mrs N Egorov
Mr Sand Mrs J Eksiyan
Mr A and Mrs K Elford
Mr C Elliott
Mr C Elsayed and Mrs J Elkassaby
Mr S and Mrs J Embrey
Mr C and Mrs J Eryurek
Mr T Eswaradas and Mrs S Thaveesan
Mrs A Fallscheer
Mr Z Fang and Ms L Zhuo
Mrs R Faris-Cornwell
Mr M and Mrs A Fernando
Mr R Fernando and Mrs D Perera
Mr A and Dr S Fisher
Mr S and Mrs A Flinn
Mr Sand Mrs K Forster
Mr J Fraser and Ms D Nielsen
Mr N Galahitiyawa and Mrs M Chandrasekera
Mr C and Mrs C Gale
Mr E and Mrs R Gale
Mr M Gaunson and Mrs V Jones
Mr R Ge and Ms Q Zhang
Mr A Gibbs and Mrs D Vlad
Ms J Giblin
Mr S and Mrs G Gomatam
Mr J Guan and Ms J Huang
Mr F Guo and Ms C Deng
Mr E and Mrs K Habjan
Mr C Han and Ms Z Liu
Mr Z He and Mrs M Zhang
Dr J Henrichs and Dr Y Chiu
Mr Mand Mrs J Hick
Mr D Higgins
Mrs E Higgs
Mr R Hill and Miss J Gamgee
Mr S and Mrs J Howe
Mr M Hu and Ms D Liu
Mr T Hua and Mrs D Le
Mr Q Huang and Ms F Li
Mr X Huang and Mrs Y Wen
Mr Z Huang and Mrs Z Jiang
Mr A and Mrs A Huwald
Mr C and Mrs L Hynes
Dr C and Mrs D Jalilian
Ms G Janover
Mr P and Mrs J Jarvis
Mr B and Mrs S Jayawickrama
Mr D Ji and Ms C Jin
Mr N Ji and Ms Y Xiong
Mr Z Jin
Dr B and Ms W Johannessen
Mr N and Mrs C Johnson
Mr V and Mrs R Kapadia
Mr P and Mrs H Kappagoda
Mr N Karunaratne and Mrs S Sepalage
Mrs A Kaur
Ms J Ke and Mr X Hou
Mr N and Mrs J Kemp
Mrs J Kendall
Dr M Khalafalla and Mrs N Karim
Mr F Khan and Mrs T Xue
Mr I Kim and Mrs E Chun
Mr C Ko and Ms Y Yuan
Mr V Kundu and Ms A Chaudhary
Mr J Lei and Ms J Wang
Mr L Lei and Ms R Duan
Mr S Lewis and Mrs A Dias
Ms W Lewis
Mr Li
Ms J Li
Mr T Li and Mrs Q Zou
Mr X Lin and Ms L Tang
Ms Z Liu
Mr T Liu and Mrs Q Huang
Mr F Lu and Ms X Xie
Mr Y Lu and Ms M Liu
Mr Rand Mrs C Luciano
Mr K Lui and Ms K Leong
Ms C Luong
Mr C Ma and Mrs V Zhang
Mr D and Mrs J Magrath
Mr M Mahuthoom and Mrs P Fernando
Mr A Malik and Ms J Mathias
Mr Vand Mrs V Mallampati
Mr P and Mrs V Mauriks
Mr B and Mrs H Mcilwaine
Mr A and Mrs M McKnight
Mr S McRoberts
Mr R McWhirter
Mrs F Millar
Mr S and Mrs M Modi
Mr P Mok and Ms C Ng
Mr S and Mrs S Molli
Ms R Morgan
Mr S and Mrs J Muir
Mr S Mukhopadhyay and Mrs P Sengupta
Dr A and Mrs A Munasinghe
Mr Wand Mrs N Nation
Mr D and Mrs J Ncube
Mr A and Mrs C Neal
Dr S and Mrs S Newstead
Mr W Ng and Ms M Chin
Mr C Noske and Ms L Phillips
Mr A Oliver and Ms A Beagley
Dr M Park and Mr C Yang
Mr P and Mrs K Patel
Mr Q Pham and Mrs H Tran
Mr C Plews and Mrs W Ooi
Dr M and Dr S Ponnampalam
Mrs L and Mr S Power
Mr C and Mrs E Prosser
Mr R Rajapaksha and Mrs N Kaluachchige
Mr P and Mrs V Ribas
Mrs K Richards
Mr C and Mrs M Roberts
Mr C and Mrs J Robinson
Mr Wand Mrs M Roodt
Mr N and Mrs S Ross
Mr J and Mrs S Sautner
Mr G and Mrs M Savage
Mr S and Mrs L Schnitzler
Mrs A Schroeder
Mr C Sethuhewa and Mrs R Lamahewa
Mr C Shan and Ms P Zhang
Mr D Shao and Ms G Cheng
Mr A Shaw
Mr J and Mrs C Shaw
Mr Z Shi and Ms R Yu
Dr M and Mrs C Siddle
Mr D and Mrs R Simmons
Mr G Singh and Mrs P Saini
Mr M Singh and Mrs K Hundal
Mr G Smith and Mrs L Vanin-Smith
Mr J Smith and Dr R Smith
Mr M and Mrs M Solome
Mr C Spagnol
Dr R and Ms C Stiglec
Mr M and Mrs N Struik
Ms F Sun
Mr S Sun and Mrs X Liu
Mr Y Sun and Ms J Qiu
Mrs Rand Mr A Symons
Mr J Tan and Mrs P Guan
Mr Y Tao and Ms H Zheng
Mr K and Mrs T Thananjeyan
Mr K Tse and Mrs W Cheng
Mr P van Cuylenburg
Mr M Van Eck and Ms X
Mr H Vasa
Mr M and Mrs B Vegh
Mr A Vinen and Mrs M Vinen
Mr B Wang and Mrs N An
Mr B Wang and Mrs L Huang
Mr T Wang and Mrs M Yang
Mr W Wang and Mrs J Cao
Mr X Wang and Mrs C Fan
Mr X Wang and Ms H Zhang
Mr Y Wang and Ms Y Cui
Mr Z Wang and Ms M Hu
Mr Z Wang and Ms L Sun
Mr F Watt and Ms J Thomas
Mr R and Mrs S Weber
MrG Wei
Mr G and Dr R Whittle
Mr C and Mrs S Wickham
Mr S Wijayasinha and Mrs N Fernando
Mr A Wilson
Mr B and Mrs A Witney
Mr G Woinarski
Ms M Wu and Mr L Zheng
Mr X Xie and Ms Q Lyu
Mr H Xu and Mrs X Liu
Mr Z Xu and Ms Y Wang
Mr A Yakimov and Ms J Meaker
Mr C Yang and Dr M Park
Mr L Yang
Mr J Yeo and Ms P Siew
Mr K and Mrs N Young
Ms NYu
Mr T Yu and Mrs Y Wang
Mr W Yuan and Ms L Ma
Mr T Zane and Mrs Y Li
Mr X Zhang
Mr Y Zhang and Ms M Dai
Mr Y Zhang and Ms H Li
Mr Z Zhao and Mrs Y Ma
Mr C Zhong and Ms C Zhou
Mr G and Ms Y Zhou
Mr H Zhu
Mr J Zhu and Ms Y Kang
Mr Y Zhu and Ms Z Wu