The primary school years are an exciting time of self discovery.

It’s a time when children first learn the joy of reading books, writing sentences, calculating sums – and much more. While expanding their knowledge, they are developing key social skills in the classroom and the playground – forming life-long friendships.

Our approach

The Junior School provides a personalised approach to learning that promotes a positive learning experience to ensure your child reaches their full potential.

We encourage our students to be curious, collaborate, take risks and embrace challenges.

The foundations

Our approach provides strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, in a holistic environment that also promotes inquiry, creativity, questioning and exploration.

Our rich Specialist programs include technology, music, sport, language, and art, with Specialist teachers working closely with classroom educators to develop a curriculum that links concepts and skills across a range of topics so learning feels purposeful and connected.

We encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and build independence. They do this through flexible learning periods – when appropriate – leadership opportunities and outstanding cocurricular activities.

A sense of belonging

Our school community fosters belonging and connectedness, while valuing diversity and individuality.




We nurture the social, emotional and personal growth of our students by focusing on  wellbeing, character, contribution and resilience.

Working in partnership with our families, we develop respectful, caring and supportive relationships to support children’s learning and development at home and in the community.

In this way, we help our students achieve their best.

Ready for what comes next

Our small size means our teachers know their students and how each learns best.

Our single campus environment allows students to confidently and comfortably transition from one year level to another, especially students moving from the ELC into Prep and from Year 6 into Year 7.

This is enhanced by a transition program supporting children through critical stages in their education and social development, focusing on familiarity with their peers, teachers and learning environment.

At every level, there is a sense of looking forward and an appreciation of what has gone before.