We are driven to provide meaningful learning experiences, personalised to our students' strengths.

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We are passionate about

Academic excellence

Our learning journey is personalised at every step to encourage our students to strive to achieve their personal best. Our approach focuses on their strengths, fosters resilience, and leads to exceptional academic outcomes and results.

Emotional growth

We know student happiness and wellbeing is key to success. At TKS, you will find a place where to strive, experiment, fail and strive again is valued and rewarded.

Social connection

Intentionally small, our size is our strength. Students are known, build relationships and confidence from their connections. You join a welcoming community that values your contribution. Together our genuine partnership delivers exceptional academic and emotional outcomes.

Curious discovery

We reimagine curriculum to take it out of books and into the world, where students follow their curiosity and discover passions beyond the classroom.

Life at TKS

The Knox School is a deeply connected community that is safe, secure and nurturing.