The Knox School accepts students from Prep to Year 12, with options for Elective Subjects, Private Music Lessons, Bus Services and Family Discounts.

Payments for School fees may be made online here.

Please click the links below to read the 2023 Fee policy and statements.

Prep to Year 12 Fees for International Students

Year LevelAnnual
Tuition Fee AUD
Subject Levies AUDTotal AUDPer Term Instalment*
Prep or Year 1 or 2$25,896$1,272$27,168$6,792
Year 3 or 4$28,030$1,850$29,880$7,470
Year 5 or 6$30,558$2,314$32,872$8,218
Year 7$34,282$2,430$36,712$9,178
Year 8$34,284$2,660$36,944$9,236
Year 9$36,628$2,892$39,520$9,880
Year 10$36,632$2,544$39,176$9,794
Year 11 or 12$38,098$1,966$40,064$10,016

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