A truly personalised approach

Would your child benefit from a more individualised approach to learning?

At The Knox School, our personalised approach underpins everything that we do. It is the foundation of our community and the partnership we form with our families.

At TKS, your child will be known and you will be an important part of our inclusive community.

Passionate educators

Our teachers are life-long learners, dedicated to creating exceptional classroom experiences grounded in best practice research methods.

TKS teachers connect with our students – your children – recognise their unique strengths and shape their learning to ensure they succeed in all aspects of their lives.

A caring community

When you join TKS, you’ll be welcomed into an intentionally small, close-knit community where our Principal and teachers know each student and their families personally.

Our single campus allows strong connections to be forged between families and across year levels. TKS is more than just an education, it is a community for life.

Our dedicated alumni, our Falconians, are proud to belong and continue to be actively engaged, involved and supportive of their school.

We imagine education differently

Our personalised learning approach means your child’s development is holistic.
At Knox, we view learning as a series of three distinct yet intertwined aspects, which we call ‘learning journeys’. It’s our guiding principle to developing the whole individual.

The academic journey

Our dedicated teachers focus on students’ individual strengths to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

The interpersonal journey

Learning experiences are purposefully designed by our expert teachers to develop students’ creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration – and apply these in real-world situations.

The values journey

Our students are provided with opportunities to explore character and contribution, allowing them to grow into young adults of integrity who thrive in the face of challenges and live a life of purpose.

TKS Graduates are resilient

with an entrepreneurial mindset, and the key attributes for a thriving adult life.