At The Knox School, your child is recognised as an individual.

We discover what motivates and inspires our students and create personalised learning focused on their strengths and ambitions.

How we do it

We do this in three ways – across three interconnected learning journeys:

Journey One
Developing our
students academically

Journey Two
Focusing on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills to apply this knowledge; and

Journey Three
Building strength of character to live a life underpinned by strong values and a desire to give back.

We encourage your child to extend themselves in their learning, while also providing time and resources when they may need extra support.

How this works in the classroom

Our purpose-built classrooms enable flexible learning, with dedicated time for students from Year 4 onwards to direct their own learning.

TKS classes may look different to classrooms of the past. But here you will find dedicated teachers, engaged students and an environment that encourages connection, academic excellence and personal growth, ensuring each individual is supported to achieve their personal best.