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The Falconians

A Knox School Alumni Association was formed in 1999. It promoted and organised reunions to maintain a connection between past students and the School.

The advent of the FPG enabled the school to reassess how it connected with its alumni. In 2019, it was decided to refer to alumni as Falconians, reflecting the School’s icon.

Our Falconians are an important element of the School’s culture because they provide memory, endorse history, tell stories and can be great advocates.

The reasons to connect with our Falconians are:

  • to maintain a connection between the School and its past students
  • foster loyalty and a spirit of fellowship amongst Falconians throughout worldwide
  • to be an advocate of The Knox School
  • to assist current students with their career planning
  • to acknowledge and honour distinguished Falconians

The Knox School is now proud to welcome Falconians as current parents and members of staff.

Invitations to each reunion are sent to those who left the School in Year 12, or who would have left the School in Year 12. For example, if a student left the school in Year 10 in 2008, they would be included in the class of 2010.

This year’s scheduled reunions are on hold due to the impact of Covid-19. Further details will follow. Please ensure we have your current contact details so you can receive your reunion invite.

Please email updated details to falconians@knox.vic.edu.au

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