“The Senior School is the final stepping stone for students in Year 10 to Year 12 as they prepare for the future.

The Knox School provides many opportunities for our Senior School students to achieve academic success and to enhance their individual wellbeing, giving them the best possible start to life beyond school.

At The Knox School, size is our advantage. Small class sizes, particularly in Year 12 enable students to receive the attention that they deserve at this critical time in their education.

The Knox School’s vision acknowledges enterprise, business acumen, and the importance of preparing for the technology-based society of the 21st Century.

The curriculum is constantly reviewed to be a reflection of the demands of our dynamic world.

With its international focus, The Knox School is able to build international links between students and to educate for future global workplaces and business enterprises.

Co-curricular programs, emphasising leadership and the acceptance of responsibility for others, underpin the Senior School’s values and practices. Students are encouraged to participate in an extensive program of activities that centre on building self-confidence, public speaking skills, improving individual organisational abilities and building sound personal relationships with others.

Personal development is encouraged through pastoral care and we have an emphasis on the ethics of work, community service, leadership and initiative.

Students are encouraged to achieve their best by learning study skills, managing their time, and setting goals for continual improvement. Leadership is developed through our Prefects, House Captains, Subject Captains and Monitors.

Our School’s values encourage responsibility towards the environment, respect for our uniform, acceptance of others and tolerance of difference. It is our aim to develop in the young people who graduate from the Senior School a respect for citizenship, honesty, thoughtfulness, loyalty and a willingness to serve others. “

Suzanne van Strien
Head of Senior School




The VCE provides the opportunity for all students in Year 11 and Year 12 to gain a common credential. There are over 30 studies available within the VCE. Within each study there are at least 4 Units of work. Each Unit is a semester, or half year in length.

Most students will undertake 22 units over the two-year VCE period. All students will undertake a balanced course of study with Units chosen from each of the English, Arts/Humanities, and Maths/Science/Technology groupings of studies. This will ensure that all students at this important stage of their lives are able to keep their options open as long as possible.

Over the two-year period, there will also be ample opportunity to specialise in particular areas of interest. Students will be considered to have satisfactorily completed a unit if they have satisfied all the specified work requirements of the unit. These vary depending on the study.

To obtain the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), students must satisfactorily complete 16 Units, including:

Three Units of English with at least one Unit at Unit 3 and 4 level.
Note: In order to gain an ATAR score, students must complete an English Unit 3 & 4 sequence.

Three sequences at Units 3 and 4 level of studies other than English including VCE and VET 3/4 sequences

Note: Units 3 and 4 are designed to be taken as a Two-Unit sequence and are what we currently regard as Year 12 level subjects.

Units 1 and 2 are what we currently regard as Year 11 level subjects.

When studying Units 3 and 4, students will undertake a variety of school-assessed coursework and examinations.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VET refers to the procedure which enables a secondary student to combine VCE studies with vocational training.

The Knox School offers VET Hospitality. For full descriptions of VET subjects on offer at The Knox School please refer to the current VCE Unit Descriptions

Features of VET

The VET program is a two to three year program combining general VCE studies and accredited vocational education and training. The VET program enables students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) at the same time. Students can receive credit towards further study.

Benefits for Students

Broadens VCE options.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a nationally accredited Vocational Education and Training Certificate.

Matches student interest and career directions through the provision of strong pathways.

The VET qualification articulates directly into further education and training at both TAFE and selected universities through documented pathway agreements.

Provides the opportunity to “trial” a career and helps students explore possible areas of interest, which can lead to further study and work choices.

Provides preparation for the workforce.

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