Today we celebrate the results of our Class of 2023. Completing their early years in Senior School during a three-year long pandemic, with multiple periods of remote learning; our students faced challenges and disappointments and yet they continued to thrive, upholding the TKS tradition of exceptional academic outcomes supported by the framework of holistic programs.

Their resilience, agility and the partnership between families and the School have led to this moment. We could not be prouder of this incredible cohort of students and the recognition of their hard work is reflected in the results they received today.

Our gratitude and thanks extend to our entire TKS community, the teaching staff, support staff and families who have worked tirelessly to encourage and support our students to reach their potential.

At TKS, we frame our experience through the metaphor of the three journeys; although today, we focus on and celebrate the culmination of Journey One, the academic, we also acknowledge the wide range of achievements of our graduating class.

In 2023, our students received a median Study Score of 33 and a median ATAR of 83.5, an excellent result! These exceptional results are the second highest at TKS since the introduction of ATAR and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our wonderful students.

This year we are delighted to announce that 80% of our students achieved an ATAR over 70, placing them in the top 30% of the state, whilst an impressive 65% of students were awarded an ATAR of over 80, placing them in the top 20% of the state.

Our School Dux, Justin Guan, achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.25 and his results included Study Scores in the 40s for Chemistry, Chinese Second Language Advanced and EAL. Justin was also awarded the VCE Baccalaureate.

Justin’s results, in a wide-ranging variety of subjects, are a testament to his demonstration of the School’s values and his commitment, dedication and resilience. Justin exemplifies what it means to be a TKS Graduate.

Justin writes: “During the 6 years of study at The Knox School, I learned a wealth of knowledge, experienced various interesting activities, and made friends. The success of my VCE is inseparable from the help of my family, teachers and classmates. I thank them very much for that. In addition, it is my early dream of becoming a researcher or a doctor that makes me work harder and keeps me motivated and moving forward with goals.”

Whilst we acknowledge and celebrate the outcomes of the academic journey today, we would also like to acknowledge the Class of 2023’s commitment to the wider journeys on offer at TKS. Despite the rigour of life in Year 12, over one third of our Year 12 students maintained commitment to Music and Performing Arts, taking part in over 20 ensembles, productions and events. Within Sport, our Year 12 students were part of teams which secured 6 Grand Final wins!

When asked to reflect on their VCE experience here at The Knox School, here is a snapshot of what they said:

Ayla Cosgrave – at TKS since Year 7

“I chose to come to The Knox School because I had hopes of becoming a Vet; it’s all I have wanted to do since I was 3, and ever since my spend-a-day back in 2017. I knew TKS would be a perfect place to push me academically and help achieve my dream. My teachers have always supported me and pushed me to be my best, not only academically but also to strive to be a good person too. They have all helped put me in this incredible position, where I now have a choice of universities, and can pursue my dream, and I’m so thankful for everyone at TKS since Year 7 that have been there for me along the way.”

Nils Vercruysse – at TKS since Year 2

“What a journey! This year has been extremely draining both psychologically and physically. However, the support from the staff of The Knox School has truly been the propellor for my success this year. Their unwavering dedication and positivity are something I will be eternally grateful for. Aside from this, The Knox School’s understanding of my personal journey to excelling in the sport of badminton has been of utmost importance in allowing me to continue my passion and upkeeping my mental health.”

Laura Stone – at TKS since Year 7

“TKS provided me with great flexibility to balance the demands of my football commitments with my schooling through constant support from teachers with workload management and giving me the opportunity to accelerate in a subject in Year 11. This set me up for success in both areas of my life which I’m extremely grateful for.”

Brooke Anderson – at TKS since ELC 3

“Having the opportunity to accelerate in two subjects in Year 10/11 reduced my workload in Year 12. This allowed me to put more time into my passion for basketball outside of school. I received an offer for a full overseas scholarship and have accepted the offer at Ranger College in Texas for 2024. Additionally, the dedication The Knox School teachers invested in my learning is way beyond the standard. I would regularly see my subject teachers for help and further understanding and they were more than happy to offer their time during recess/ lunch, before and after school.”

Jack Carter – at TKS since Year 7

“By setting clear goals with the help of the Career Development Practitioner, accelerating subjects in Year 11, and having great teachers who were quick and easy to contact for help and assistance, TKS allowed me to continue training and competing in artistic roller-skating, having success this year at State and National levels.”

Darrell Handoko – at TKS since Year 11

“The teachers at The Knox School have helped me achieve this result through their teachings and willingness to help. I am thankful for The Knox School in supporting me throughout the VCE studies by providing necessary exercises throughout my time there.”

Class of 2023, you have made your mark on your community, you have left your legacy amongst us. Be proud, as we are, of what you have achieved on your journey with us through TKS. You have grasped every opportunity firmly by both hands and you not only achieved it, but you made it your own.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Ms Nikki Kirkup
Principal and Chief Executive