At The Knox School, bullying is totally unacceptable. It does not align with the values we all adhere to. We encourage our students to live these values and take an active part in its prevention. If an incident is reported to staff, we take this very seriously.

Bullying Policy

It is the right of each member of The Knox School Community to feel safe on campus, in an environment free from verbal, written, gestural, sexual or physical harassment and bullying.

We are committed to promoting the positive uniqueness of each person, demonstrated through modelling by adults, and clear expectations for our students.

We understand how, as teachers and influencers over your people, we can provide a positive and lasting influence on a student’s attitudes and values.

We also acknowledge and actively encourage our students not to be bystanders if they witness bullying and instead to call upon their commitment to our values to speak out and be a change for good.

Our students can assume a role of influence by:

  • Listening for problems.
  • Encouraging the bystanders to understand they are implicated in the bullying.
  • Warning the perpetrators they will be reported  if their behaviour does not cease
  • Reporting the bully/ies if the warning is not heeded. Once the report is made, action is taken.